Author = Sara Salehpour
Number of Articles: 3
1. The Effect of Genre-based Scaffolding on Research Paper Writing of MA Candidates in an EFL Context

Volume 7, Issue 15, Summer and Autumn 2014, Pages 91-112

Sara Salehpour; Mahnaz Saeidi

2. Scaffolding Advanced Writing through Writing Frames

Volume 7, Issue 14, Winter and Spring 2014, Pages 146-169

Sara Salehpour; Nasrin Hadidi; Biook Behnam

3. Investigating the Use of Paratactic and Hypotactic Conjunctions among Iranian Pre-university Students

Volume 5, Issue 11, Summer and Autumn 2012, Pages 158-170

Nader Asadi; Mohammad Yousefi Osguee; Sara Salehpour