Keywords = Critical thinking
Number of Articles: 4
1. Towards an Operational Definition of Critical Thinking

Volume 12, Issue 24, Summer and Autumn 2019, Pages 17-40


Parviz Birjandi; Mohammad Bagher Bagheri; Parviz Maftoon

2. Do Critical Thinking Skills Lead to Success in Language Teaching? A Case of Iranian EFL Teachers Based on Their Gender and Degree of Education

Volume 10, Issue 20, Summer and Autumn 2017, Pages 17-28

Hamid Ashraf; Hanieh Garmabi; Mehri Bakhtiari Fayendari

3. The Relationship between Iranian Male and Female EFL Learners’ Critical Thinking Ability and Autonomy

Volume 6, Issue 12, Winter and Spring 2013, Pages 116-130

Nasser Ghafoori; Vida Javanshir

4. The Relationship among EFL Teachers’ Critical Thinking, Self-efficacy, and their Perception of Effective Teaching

Volume 4, Issue 8, Winter and Spring 2010, Pages 175-207

Nassim Shangarffam; Neda Rahnama Roud Poshti