The Importance of Materials Design in ESP and EST

Document Type : Research Paper



University students in Iran need English to reinforce their specialist knowledge in order to meet their academic needs and not to be isolated from technological advances. The architecture students at the university level in Iran are no exception. Bearing this in mind, the present research intends to address itself to the following questions: 1) what are the problems in materials design in ESP courses in general and architecture students in particular? And 2) what are possible solutions to the problems identified? In an effort to pave the road for preparing a textbook for architecture students in Iran, we have analyzed the textbook presently used by architecture students at Islamic Azad University, Tabriz branch. To do this, we prepared two questionnaires to be answered by both the students and teachers about the content of the textbook under discussion. On the basis of their responses and also the researchers' comments on the issue, we have tried to discuss the shortcomings therein, and to give possible solutions.